Salesforce Announces Clean Energy Programme Management

Salesforce has introduced Clean Energy Programme Management for Energy & Utilities Cloud. This new solution streamlines the launch, management, and oversight of energy efficiency, conservation, electrification, and EV charging programs to help electric, gas, and water utilities increase customer participation in clean energy programmes.

Energy & Utilities Cloud is built on the Einstein 1 Platform, Salesforce’s trusted customer platform. The Einstein 1 Platform helps organisations safely take advantage of their data to create better customer experiences and enhance employee productivity with AI to improve profitability for customers with CRM, AI, and data. 

Clean Energy Program Management helps utilities manage clean energy initiatives with connected data — like energy usage and billing information — and personaliSed engagement to promote relevant programmes. It digitises and simplifies the application process for customers, participating contractors, and utility program staff to help increase clean energy and energy efficiency program enrollment, electric vehicle adoption, and more.

  • Program Management Console makes it easy to manage residential, commercial, and industrial programmes with targets for energy savings, water conservation, compliance, number of homes served, and more. From the console, program managers can track and manage applications, as well as monitor program performance and budgets. Automation from Salesforce Flow, built-in data validations, and prebuilt formulas to calculate energy savings and incentives, help utilities reduce human error by collecting regulatory-required data during the application process, while dashboards track program milestones, performance, and goals. 
  • Customer Self-Service Portal helps utility customers discover and learn about energy efficiency programs and offers. The portal provides an intuitive experience, empowering customers to easily search and access available rebates, incentives, new rates, and income-qualified offers. Customers can then apply for programs, be matched with a service provider, and even receive their benefits — right from their energy retailer or utility’s website.  
  • Contractor Portal makes it easy for outside contractors to communicate and collaborate with utilities, providing a central hub to enrol in programmes, discover leads, and upload work in bulk. Automation simplifies the management of rebate applications and invoices to help contractors and their customers get reimbursed faster, even as the volume of work grows. 

“The energy and utilities sector has a once in-a-lifetime opportunity to guide their customers toward a clean and sustainable future. With Clean Energy Programme Management on Salesforce’s trusted AI, data, and CRM platform, energy and utility companies can create strong and lasting partnerships with their customers and communities, helping us all get to net zero faster,” said Linda Saunders, Salesforce Director Engineering Solutions Africa.


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